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Going Green in 2019 is the thing to do!

Register here!! Registrations are essential to take part On October 5th 24HCDPerth is celebrating its 10th anniversary by Going Green! And it’s easy for all of us to be green as we’re recycling ALL of our previous themes for the event. And with 24HCDPerthGoing Green, this gives all participants the chance to Rework, Reuse, or […]

Check Out Our Awesome Artists for 2015

Here are our challengers for 2015! Wish them luck and check out their portfolios.  24 Hour Paricipants Hien Phan wavingcomics.tumblr.com Sophia Gilet Doug Norton Lucy Gilet Gemma Wilson Facebook.com/gemmawilsonart Anita Hodgson www.akina-sa.deviantart.com Lilli Foskett Amy Rugul James Reynolds Lily Watson lilyribbonsart.tumblr.com Timothy Merks www.timothymerks.com Christopher Markle Stephanie Palladino 8 Hour Participants Tina Lam instagram.com/tinabarbarina Torr […]

12 Hours until kick off!

We’ve got just 12 hours until 24 Hour Comic Day 2015. Now is a good time to go to bed if you’re doing the full 24 hour challenge you’ll need all the sleep you can get! See you tomorrow morning!

We’re back for 2015!

That’s right, the challenge is on again! 24HCDPerth 2015 – Future Shock October 3-4 at the ALVA Hub at UWA Nedlands Campus. A new, spacious studio space that allow an even higher number of participants to take part. The theme for this year is to create stories based on the titles of in-the-public-domain 20th century […]

24 Hour Comic Day Perth – 24 Hours Completed!

We’ll finally after a website crushing influx of attention, we’ve reached the end of road. Now that we’re finally recovered, it’s time to wrap up!   After a long 24 Hours we’ve finally reached the end! With a fantastic turnout of 31 challengers taking part at the ALVA Tower at UWA Nedlands and 6 Challengers […]

24 Hour Comic Day – 6 hours to go!

Well only the most committed challengers are left now, with just six hours until pencils down. We’ve seen some fantastic work this weekend with several completed comics. You can check out some of the completed works on Facebook or Twitter, and most likely more will appear during the day as people wake up and and […]

24 Hour Comic Day – 12 hours to go

We’re officially at the half way mark now and our challengers have been working steadily for 12 hours. As we’re approaching the business end of the event, the room has become quiet with just the scratch of pens, and shuffling of paper filling the room.   Some of our participants have now spread to the […]

24 Hour Comic Day – 18 Hours to go

We’ve reached the 6 hour mark of this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. Comics are starting to come together, so check out our photo slideshow here! Keep posting your work online and make sure you keep hyrdated and fed.   It’s a good idea to get up an and walk around every now and […]

24 Hour Comic Day Perth 2014: Photos from UWA

We’ll be posting pictures throughout the night so keep an eye on this post for more updates! *Whoops* The link has decided to break on us. But don’t worry, we’ll have more pictures from 2015!

24 Hour Comic Day Perth has begun!

The cards have been handed out and pencils have been sharpened. The clock is now ticking and it’ll be pencils down at 10:30am Sunday 5th of October.   Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook Page and our Twitter  for updates and videos throughout the day.