Rosie took out the prize for the most popular comic at this year’s challenge. Congratulations Rosie!


Thanks to everyone who took part and thanks to our fantastic sponsors Red Griffin Games , Quality Comics and The Butcher Shop for providing some fantastic prizes for our participants.
Check them out next time you are in the area!


Printing details will be available soon so keep an eye on this page for more information.

Pens and pencils down! Congratulations to all our heroes who took part this year. You can see everyone who took part and more of their work on this page.


Thanks again to our fantastic sponsors who chip in to make 24 Hour Comic Day even better.


A special thanks to Bodie for his fantastic efforts putting together our new site (and for taking part again in the challenge)


Once everyone has had some rest we’ll be announcing winners of the prizes and how to collect them. Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for the announcement.


The completed comics will be collected into a limited run print edition and will be available online.

We hope everyone had fun and had some success during this year’s challenge, whether it was completing more than a previous year or finishing a full 24 page comic.


We look forward to seeing you again next time!

As fatigue has well and truly set in we’ve reached our final hour!

With 25% of the time now elapsed, the comics are starting to take shape.


Check out our Facebook album for pictures from the event.

The 2013 24 Hour Comic Day has kicked off with the artists busily working on their comics. Thanks to everyone who signed up to take up the challenge. We’ll be posting photos of the event through the day so keep an eye on here for more!

22 and half Hours to go!

Signups are now open for 24HCD Perth! Visit the link below to register to take part.

24HCDPerth will take place on Saturday October 5th and finish on Sunday October 6th.


Feel free to pass on to any friends or family who might be interested in taking part.