We’ve reached the 6 hour mark of this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. Comics are starting to come together, so check out our photo slideshow here! Keep posting your work online and make sure you keep hyrdated and fed.


It’s a good idea to get up an and walk around every now and then, to get the blood flowing and to keep your brain from fading away towards the end of the challenge.




We’ll be posting pictures throughout the night so keep an eye on this post for more updates!

*Whoops* The link has decided to break on us. But don’t worry, we’ll have more pictures from 2015!

The cards have been handed out and pencils have been sharpened. The clock is now ticking and it’ll be pencils down at 10:30am Sunday 5th of October.


Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook Page and our Twitter  for updates and videos throughout the day.



We’ve got just twelve hours until pens hit paper, styli hit tablets and paintbrushes hit pallets. We’ve had a fantastic response this year and we’ve got heaps of great challengers and participants. You can check out their portfolios below, and make sure you keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter from 10:30am tomorrow as we’ll be posting heaps of great in progress pics.


UWA Challengers
Ali Paterson
Anita Hodgson
Aska D
Ben Mitchelmore
Douglas Norton
Gemma Wilson
Hien Pham
Jessica Robley
Jim Lally
Lily Watson
Louise Dawson
Luke Roberts
Michael Ovens
Paraxial O’Kelly
Paul Spencer
Rachel Bate
Rebecca Kerr
Rickson “Lunchbox” Denden
Rosey Lau
Serena McClellan
Sophie Roberts
Sophia Gilet
Tara Degasperis
Timothy Merks
Tina Lam
Trent Howard


ONLINE Challengers
Beck Stanton
Kieran Stanton
Regina Akora
Samantha Calcraft



Due to a fantastic response we’ve reached capacity for our UWA event earlier than expected, and signups are now closed.
If you’d still like to take part you can do so online by posting directly to social media either to the 24HCDPerth Facebook page, by sending your posts to @24HCDPerth on Twitter or to your individual accounts. Make sure you tag your posts with the #24HCDPerth hashtag so we can share your progress with others.
Make sure you let us know you’re taking part by commenting on the Facebook post below, or sending us a message so we can send you an information pack and a starting idea.





If you haven’t yet checked us on Twitter @24HCDPerth , we’re posting one handy tip every day in the lead up to this Saturday’s challenge. Even if you’re a 24 Hour Comic Day veteran, it’s been one year since the last challenge and we may just jog your memory.
Feel free to send us your 24 Hour Comic Day tips to @24HCDPerth and we’ll share them with other participants!


Trent has shared with us his tips for 24 Hour Comic Day. Check out the link below along with our other tips.



You can check out our tips below in descending order!






Don’t forget to bring headphones as well!

Fruitless Pursuits FPCast! September 15th

Our friends over at Fruitless Pursuits talk about all things pop culture, this week looking at The Little Death and Step Up All In as well as having a brief chat about 24 Hour Comic Day towards the end (around the 50 minute mark if you want to jump to there, but you really should listen to it all!). It’s a funny look at some of the newest things in media from around the world.


Luke who you’ll hear in the Podcast, was instrumental in setting up 24 Hour Comic Day, back at it’s original home at the Film & Television Institute.


You can find the podcast on iTunes by Clicking the widget below or have a listen to it on their site right here => FPcast! The Fruitless Pursuits Podcast for September 15th 2014! The Little Death!



If this is your first time taking up the 24 Hour Comic day challenge or it’s been a while since you last took part,  here are some quick guidelines about what you should expect.


You’ll be given a story topic when you arrive. While the theme this year is Storybook and your topic will be based on the classic fairytales, it’s an important part of the challenge that you don’t pre-plan your comic. You can have a think about some of the elements you’d like to include, but keep them general at this stage and applicable to the fairytale or storybook genre.


The challenge itself is very tiring and draining and it’s a good idea to bring pillows and comfortable gear. You can also bring sleeping bags and thin foam camping mattresses, but nothing massive. If you need to have a bit of a sleep to recharge you can feel free to. If you can organise a lift to be picked up and dropped off that’s the best option, as driving after 24 hours awake may not be the best idea.


Make sure you bring some food and water with you. It’s a good idea to bring meals if you can, and we’ll have access to water and refrigeration. There are food stores and restaurants within a short walking distance, and a 24 hour petrol station over the road but it’s always easier if you’ve got some supplies with you.


Make sure you bring all the art supplies along that you’ll need over the weekend and bring spares. There’s nothing worse than having a copic marker fail on you at 3am.


If you have access to a university student or staff account you can login to the EDUROAM wireless network. It’s important that you use EDUROAM on your home campus at least once before you’ll be able to login at UWA. Check out the EDUROAM site for more details. http://www.eduroam.edu.au/


If you have any questions make sure you ask on Facebook or Twitter

Click her to sign up

Registrations are now open for the 2014 24 Hour Comic Day Perth Challenge. We’ve moved slightly from our former home at the Film and Television Institute in Fremantle, and now participants will take up the challenge on the UWA Nedlands campus. This new location has access to ample public transport, is just a short walk to a variety of different shops including art supply stores and restaurants.


Participants will be taking up the Storybook challenge, and will battle to complete 24 pages within 24 hours.


You can sign up right now by clicking the following link: 2014 24HCDPerth Signup Page


Here are all the details:

When: 10:00am Saturday 4th October 2014 to 10:ooam Sunday 5th October 2014Where: UWA Nedlands Campus
Northwest Corner of Stirling Hwy and Hampden Rd
ALVA (Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts) Tower

Check out the Map below

View Larger Map


For more information keep an eye on this page, or check us out on your social media platform of choice.

24 Hour Comics Day Perth on Facebook

24 Hour Comics Day Perth on Twitter