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On October 5th 24HCDPerth is celebrating its 10th anniversary by Going Green! And it’s easy for all of us to be green as we’re recycling ALL of our previous themes for the event.

And with 24HCDPerthGoing Green, this gives all participants the chance to Rework, Reuse, or Recycle. Missed out on The Storybook Edition? Wished that you to could suffer from Future Shock? Now’s your chance!

Rework: Took part in a previous year and liked your story idea, but not the final execution? Now’s your chance to Rework it to a level that you are happy with.
Reusue: Had a great prompt in a previous year but just didn’t like anything that you produced? Now you can Reuse your prompt to create an entirely new piece.
Recycle: Wer’e going the easy route by choosing to Recycle all of our old prompts, so participants can have a go at any from our past ten years.

To continue the celebrations we’re also being supported by some amazing local businesses The Nostalgia Box, White Dwarf Books, Quality Comics, and Neighbourhood Press, who are all offering some amazing prizes to be won by participants who take part in person and complete their comics, and we’re having some materials supplied by ED Art Supplies to make sure we have what we need to get the work done!

We’re also going to take this even further by attempting a crowd-funded print run of a selection of the best completed works from the event.

This is a free event. However we must limit only those 18+ to attempt the full 24-hour challenge. For anyone 11+, we have a 4-page/4-hour challenge for those 11-17, and an 8-page/8-hour challenge for anyone 15-17. Participants 18+ can choose to do the 8-hour challenge.

And as always, if you can’t make it to Perth, you can take part online!

So what have all of themes been over the last nine years?
2010* – Three Words, Something Shared – Bag Edition (everyone had three words to work from, ‘bag’, and two random words which are different for everyone)
2011 – The Machine of Death (based off of the amazing concept by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics/Unbeatable SquirrelGirl and you should look it up)
2012 – 24HCDPerth… The Musical! (create a story inspired by a random song title)
2013 – Three Words, Something Shared – Balloon Edition (everyone had three words to work from, ‘balloon’, and two random words which are different for everyone)
2014 – Storybook Edition (create a story based off the title of an obscure fairytale)
2015 – Future Shock (titles came from out of print and obscure sci-fi stories)
2016 – E is for Everything (every person was given a word beginning with ‘E’ to use as their inspiration)
2017 – prompted. (create a story off of a supplied prompt, think ‘it was a dark and stormy night…’)
2018 – A Painfully 80s Comicwave (every prompt was a reference to the platinum decade of culture, the 1980s, and in particular, the American 1980s)
2019 – Going Green (choose a card from any of the themes above!)
* Note: In 2010 we didn’t have a theme as it was our first year. So the theme above comes from an 8 hour challenge called the 88-C which we ran in 2016.