If this is your first time taking up the 24 Hour Comic day challenge or it’s been a while since you last took part,  here are some quick guidelines about what you should expect.


You’ll be given a story topic when you arrive. While the theme this year is Storybook and your topic will be based on the classic fairytales, it’s an important part of the challenge that you don’t pre-plan your comic. You can have a think about some of the elements you’d like to include, but keep them general at this stage and applicable to the fairytale or storybook genre.


The challenge itself is very tiring and draining and it’s a good idea to bring pillows and comfortable gear. You can also bring sleeping bags and thin foam camping mattresses, but nothing massive. If you need to have a bit of a sleep to recharge you can feel free to. If you can organise a lift to be picked up and dropped off that’s the best option, as driving after 24 hours awake may not be the best idea.


Make sure you bring some food and water with you. It’s a good idea to bring meals if you can, and we’ll have access to water and refrigeration. There are food stores and restaurants within a short walking distance, and a 24 hour petrol station over the road but it’s always easier if you’ve got some supplies with you.


Make sure you bring all the art supplies along that you’ll need over the weekend and bring spares. There’s nothing worse than having a copic marker fail on you at 3am.


If you have access to a university student or staff account you can login to the EDUROAM wireless network. It’s important that you use EDUROAM on your home campus at least once before you’ll be able to login at UWA. Check out the EDUROAM site for more details. http://www.eduroam.edu.au/


If you have any questions make sure you ask on Facebook or Twitter